• Transport has become, since the outbreak of the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, the great ally to ensure the deliveries and supply of the most essential products (food, pharmaceuticals and health). Among all modes of transport, air transport is particularly noteworthy, as its efficiency and speed are key to providing the necessary means to combat the pandemic.
  • Many of the world’s major airlines have adapted during these four weeks to the new needs of the Spanish market as a result of the epidemic. This has resulted in the implementation of new cargo routes, better known as health corridors, which reach the Peninsula in record time from logistics centres in the East.
  • Right now Spain is importing hundreds of tons of sanitary material (respirators, masks, gloves or protective screens) from the Asian markets to fight the COVID-19.
  • At Stock Logistic, as specialists in transporting all types of goods to any part of the world, we are not oblivious to the economic changes that the logistics sector is currently experiencing. This situation is especially reflected in all our air transport services.
  • Fleet restructuring
    This significant growth in demand has meant that, in some cases, passenger planes are being converted into cargo ships. These are exclusively cargo flights where the passenger fleet is currently unable to fly due to restrictions in most countries in order to stop the advance of the epidemic.
  • These bans could continue in the coming months. However, many experts point out that, first, the limitations on domestic flights could be opened, while international flights will take much longer due to the regulations imposed in the countries in order to prevent the expansion of COVID-19.
  • This new air route scenario also has its benefits for Spanish exports. Many companies already sell cargo spaces for all kinds of sectors and goods in order to continue providing solutions to the Spanish sector in the various emerging markets in Asia.
  • Flexibility of procedures
    On the other hand, China has been working for weeks to try to speed up as much as possible the procedures involved in this express logistics in order to shorten all the processes as much as possible. In fact, it has established an international information system to allow online approval of flights 24/7 in an effort to simplify the approval procedures for cargo flights.