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Your cargo journeys rarely begin or end at the ports. As a leading logistics integrator with an unrivalled global network, we offer end-to-end shipping solutions that are second-to-none. Fors & Co Transport AB landside transportation connects key service hub points and major container ports with each other and the rest of the world. With rail coverage, trucking, barge and depots, you don’t need to transact with multiple suppliers or coordinate several handovers. Experience the comfort of end-to-end deliveries with just a single partner, and make your supply chain work to your competitive advantage.

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Every supply chain is unique, and so are your business requirements. We understand it, which is why we are committed to being an integrator of end-to-end logistics services. This implies offering different solutions that can cater to your every individual supply chain need.

Our services – Fors & Co Transport AB Inland Delivery and Fors & Co Transport AB Inland Hub – are designed to address your broader logistics concerns. They are scalable according to your cargo, routes, business process or market changes.

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Inland Services FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Inland Service includes transportation of container from vendors (shipper) to the port of shipment, and from discharge port to the point of stripping (consignee) by truck and/or rail. … Whatever you need for inland transportation you can count on us to deliver an effective and cost efficient inland haulage service.

An inland bill of lading is a contract signed between a shipper and a transportation company (carrier) for the overland transportation of goods. An inland bill of lading serves as both the carrier’s receipt to the shipper and the carriage contract. The document specifies the details of the goods being transported.

Inland Haulage Charges means the transportation charges from inland container freight station to sea port of loading or vice versa.

An inland freight charge is defined as the amount charged for the delivery of goods from one part of the country to another. Shipments that come from overseas to a destination within another country are considered imported.

A navigable river, canal, or sound. 2 : a system of navigable inland bodies of water —usually used in plural.

1. Who can fill out an inland bill of lading form? Answer: All of the above. Exporters are the obvious answer, but a hired freight forwarder can fill out the bill of lading form too, if the exporter provides a limited power of attorney to file on his or her behalf.

The term IHC – Inland Haulage Charges means, the transportation charges to and from inland Container Depot/ Freight Station to sea port of loading or vice versa. Normally, most of cargo in such locations is moved by rail.

Inland waterways include rivers, canals, backwaters and creeks which are deep enough to allow the ships and boats to navigate safely. Oceanic waterways include transport along the coast line. … Coastal and foreign trade usually takes place through oceanic waterways.

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