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Custom Brokerage

Customs brokerage firms facilitate the shipment and delivery of goods across geographical borders for individuals and organizations. The general public is often unaware of the sheer magnitude of goods and raw materials that cross these international borders every single day and what is involved in clearing these goods.

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Our global footprint and extensive network means we have facilities ready to handle your supply chain, whether at origin or destination. By combining shipping with warehousing and distribution, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution with fewer logistic service providers. Complexity is reduced, and you gain speed, control and visibility.

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Inland Services

Your cargo journeys rarely begin or end at the ports. As a leading logistics integrator with an unrivalled global network, we offer end-to-end shipping solutions that are second-to-none. Fors & Co Transport AB landside transportation connects key service hub points and major container ports with each other and the rest of the world.

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Ocean Freight

Covering over 300 ports in more than 150 countries You might be a manufacturer, selling your goods to a customer abroad; or a small business owner, distributing and supplying products to companies. Find all the answers to your questions on different shipping routes.

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Distribution services

The word cargo refers in particular to goods or produce being conveyed generally for commercial gain by ship, boat, or aircraft, although the term is now often extended to cover all types of freight, including that carried by train, van, truck, or container.

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Air Freight

When you book your air freight service with Fors & Co Transport AB Express, we also offer an optional collection service so you can have your goods collected from your door

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